The core values of our school focus on high expectations for all learners, developing skills for life, encouraging good self-esteem and developing a set of core moral values based upon the teachings of Jesus Christ. These values are core to every part of our lives and are reflected in the way that we treat each other, the way that we look for every day opportunities to help those in need and in the example that we demonstrate to all those we meet.

There is an award for each of our 5 values:

Faith - Our children have faith and let God be their guide

Respect - Our children have respect for their school and their planet

Kindness - Our children show kindness to everyone through their actions

Honesty - Our children are loyal, honest and understanding of others

Resilience - Our children keep trying and never give up


At St Ursula’s we have our School Value trophies that are given out during our weekly Achievement Assembly.

These trophies are awarded to different pupils from Reception to Year 6, who have lived out our Gospel Values. These trophies are taken back to class and displayed on our classroom prayer tables. Winners are also celebrated in the Headteacher’s Newsletter.