Subject Leads and Visions

“With God at the heart of our St Ursula’s Family we welcome all as we learn and grow together”

Subject Leads


Creative learning curriculum –

Mr Ashburn &

Mrs Rose

To create a unique and personally tailored learning curriculum that not only fulfils the national curriculum but moves beyond it to engage, enthuse and excite our pupils into life-long learning. Fostering a desire to explore the world around them historically, physically, artistically and be able reflect on how our British values stem from our history.

Religious Education –

Mrs Gilligan


As a vibrant Catholic school we know the importance of the relationship between Parish, Family and School in teaching your child. In our most recent BRES inspection we were described as a ‘Catholic School with bells on’.  Our values are: to have faith and let God be our guide; to respect our school and planet; to show kindness to everyone through our actions; to be loyal, honest and understanding of others; to keep trying our best, Never give up! All of which are integral to the children’s everyday experience and help them to live our mission statement:

With God at the heart of our St Ursula’s Family we welcome all as we learn and grow together.

As a Catholic school we are driven by the Gospel values. These allow the children to deepen their spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding and also to develop a greater awareness of the spirituality of others, creating tolerance and harmony, vital to their understanding of the world around them. In in order to further this understanding of the world around them, we hope to immerse the children in real world experiences, such as visiting different places of worship and organising a school charity group which helps the local community.

Maths – Mrs Marshall

To provide a challenging and exciting new whole school approach and maths curriculum which enables all students to become successful mathematicians. Through our new maths curriculum, Power Maths, children will develop a growth mind-set and this will be actively nurtured and developed within the classroom. Children will be engaged and enthusiastic to solve mathematical problems and develop a confidence when tackling problem solving and reasoning questions, with praise and encouragement for effort and trying

English – Mrs Edwards

We want our children to enjoy developing skills in a wide variety of writing genres.  We aim to do this through the use of high quality texts, imaginative and varied cross curricular planning and teaching to bring the experience to life for the children.  As a school we want to encourage children to write about the world they know and the wider the world they have yet to discover.

Our vision is to inspire children to read for pleasure and enjoyment.  We want our children to be confident readers with a thirst for knowledge who have good independent thinking skills and can develop their own interests through reading.  Our aim is to provide an environment that encourages children to ask questions and explore the world around through adventure, story and language.

MFL – Mrs Edwards

Our aim is to give children an enjoyable and exciting introduction to a new language and culture.  They will develop linguistic skills which will deepen their understanding of the English language as well as build their confidence.  By fostering their curiosity, we hope to develop a lifelong love and appreciation of language which will stand them in good stead for the future.

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language that goes to his heart.”  Nelson Mandela

Science – Mrs Claydon

At St. Ursula’s Catholic Federation, we believe that our children should have a broad and balanced science education.  As teachers we work hard to inspire our students so that they can reach their full potential, plus we encourage them to be active participants in taking charge to help protect our world.  We hope to foster curiosity and advocate questioning and practical work to obtain answers. 

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.  Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” – Albert Einstein.

Art – Mrs Rose

Our vision for Art is to develop a school environment in which the inspirational art curriculum mirrors the excellence of the core curriculum and where both teachers and pupils share in a great love and respect for art. Within this, we aim to provide a vast range of opportunities for children to access art; both within the school curriculum; through art lessons, the ‘Art Crew’ and Art Exhibitions; and outside of school through educational visits to art galleries and London universities. Our brilliant teachers will all feel confident and well-enough equipped to teach excellent art lessons and they will have access to a wide range of resources that can be used by the children to produce outstanding art work. Within the lessons taught and work produced, we also expect to see a progression of skills across the year groups in all artistic areas. The overall aim is for St. Ursula’s to become a school in which teachers, pupils and parents all work hand in hand to celebrate art and to produce fantastic and inspirational young artists.

Music – Miss Clark

To foster a strong music curriculum that consists of a thorough knowledge of music and musicianship accompanied with the skills necessary for successful performances.   Our talented children will have access to singing opportunities through hymn praise, the choir and CLC music lessons.  Our CLC lessons will incorporate composition of songs and each year group will perform a song (using instruments) to peers at least once throughout the year.  Music tuition (peripatetic teachers) will be utilised by class teachers to showcase the children’s talents and to provide further enhancement – instruments will be played in CLC lessons to develop musicianship further.  At St. Ursula's we will strive to promote excellence in music through a shared commitment by teachers, peripatetic teachers, pupils and parents.

“We will not make music for eyes, we will make music for ears” - Adele.


Mrs Whittet

SMSC gives all of our children the opportunity to use their voices and talents in a way that creates a lasting impression. They have the ability to make informed decisions and put them into action the way they have envisioned it. They will take these opportunities, lessons and skills with them into the future. Our teaching supports them in this by allowing them to challenge themselves, take risks and develop an understanding about the world and cultures around them. They are able to embrace their own individuality and backgrounds. They are able to sustain, manage and fulfil desires as well as build upon previous knowledge and skills that allow them to become prepared for whatever they may encounter and to understand their place in the world.

“You must never be fearful about what you are doing if it is right.” – Rosa Parks

Physical Education –

Mr Fielder

St Ursula’s Catholic Federation desires to inspire children to live a healthy lifestyle by broadening their view on Physical Education. Through offering a range of experiences, from mindfulness to sporting activities, we strive to create an inclusive environment and bring to light the ongoing impact Physical Education will have on the children’s moral, cultural and spiritual development.


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