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It’s finally here! The day you find out who will be your class teacher next year…

It is always exciting to find out who your new teacher is and though we couldn’t have our usual class swap day, we still wanted it to be just as special! Your wonderful teachers have spent the past few weeks creating PowerPoints to say hello and tell you all about the fun learning that will take place next year.

To find out which class you are moving to, look at the table below. ‘Current class’ means the class you are in at this moment and ‘moving to’ means the class you will be in from September. You’ll also be able to see which staff members will be teaching you next year. Once you know the name of your new class, click on your class PowerPoint below.  ** If your child is in Nursery and transitioning to Reception information has been sent directly to parents.


Current class

Moving to


Teaching assistant/s

 R - St. Helen’s

Year 1 - St. Catherine’s

Ms Minhas

Mrs Ridge

Mrs Sena (PM)

 R - St. Luke’s

Year 1 - St. Martin’s

Miss Camilleri

Mrs Heavey

Mrs Sena (AM)

Year 1- St. Martin’s

Year 2 -  St. Anne’s

Mrs Stone (4 days)

Mrs Pye (1 day)

Mrs Walker

Mrs Menteshashvili (AM)

 Year 1 - St. Catherine’s

Year 2 -  St. Edmund’s

Mrs le Roux (3 days)

Mrs Walton (2 days)

Mrs O’Connell

Mrs Piper


Year 2 - St. Edmund’s

Year 3 - St John’s

Mrs Claydon

Miss Stone

Year 2 - St. Anne’s

Year 3 - St Jude’s

Miss Lawlor

Mrs Wratten


Year 3 - St Jude’s

Year 4 - St Philomena’s

Miss Clark

Mrs Nightingill

Year 3 - St John’s

Year 4 - St Paul’s

Mrs Rose (Mon-Thu)

Mrs Balcombe (Fri)

Mrs Johnson

Year 4 - St Philomena’s

Year 5 - St Thomas’

Mrs Marshall (Mon-Tue)

Mrs Hall (Thu-Fri)

Mrs Balcombe (Wed)

Mrs Caldwell

Year 4 - St Paul’s

Year 5 - St Teresa’s

Mr Groome

Mrs Graham


Year 5 - St Thomas’

Year 6 - St Margaret’s

Mr Fielder

Mrs Parker


Year 5 - St Teresa’s

Year 6 - St Matthew’s

Miss Gilligan

Mrs Shields





























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Class Transition Powerpoints


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